Tools are used by having them selected in a hot-bar slot, then pressing the use key binding to apply their specific effect to the highlighted tile(s). Except for Pickaxes, which function more like Melee Weapons, simply using attack.

Most types suffer durability loss, with use, so must be periodically replaced or repaired (cheaper) at the Salvage and Repair Station. Here, they can also be Reinforced, to greatly increase their durability and slightly augment their stats.


Main article: Pickaxes

Pickaxes are tools used for mining walls more efficiently than melee attacks. This is thanks to their substantial mining damage stats. However, bonus mining speed (e.g. with the Ancient Pickaxe) may be more useful than higher damage, against walls that take one hit, either way.

Sprite Name Mining damage Durability Acquisition
Wood Pickaxe.png Wood Pickaxe 15 200 Crafted by hand
Copper Pickaxe.png Copper Pickaxe 43 400 Crafted with Basic Workbench
Tin Pickaxe.png Tin Pickaxe 83 550 Crafted with Tin Workbench
Iron Pickaxe.png Iron Pickaxe 167 800 Crafted with Iron Workbench
Scarlet Pickaxe.png Scarlet Pickaxe 282 800 Crafted with Scarlet Workbench
Ancient Pickaxe.png Ancient Pickaxe 354 800 Dropped by Azeos the Sky Titan
Octarine Pickaxe.png Octarine Pickaxe 403 800 Crafted with Octarine Workbench
Galaxite Pickaxe.png Galaxite Pickaxe 507 800 Crafted with Galaxite Workbench
Soul Seeker.png Soul Seeker 607 Unbreakable Crafted with Cipher Parchment


Shovels are used to dig up Ground and are capable of diggng up dig spots. They also allow easier picking up of Floor tiles and Enemy spawn surfaces.

Sprite Name Digging damage Durability Acquisition
Wood Shovel.png Wood Shovel 20 100 Crafted by hand
Copper Shovel.png Copper Shovel 30 240 Crafted with Basic Workbench
Tin Shovel.png Tin Shovel 40 320 Crafted with Tin Workbench
Iron Shovel.png Iron Shovel 60 450 Crafted with Iron Workbench
Scarlet Shovel.png Scarlet Shovel 80 550 Crafted with Scarlet Workbench
Octarine Shovel.png Octarine Shovel 160 650 Crafted with Octarine Workbench
Galaxite Shovel.png Galaxite Shovel 210 650 Crafted with Galaxite Workbench


Hoes' most essential use is hoeing (AKA tilling or ploughing) various Ground tiles to make them plantable with Seeds. Hoes with 2x2 or larger area of effect are also exceptionally well suited to efficiently harvesting fully grown plants. As part of Gardening. These are also great for picking up any ground covering Floor tiles or Enemy Spawn Surfaces.

They are also capable of digging up dig spots.

Sprite Name Area of effect Durability Acquisition
Copper Hoe.png Copper Hoe 1x1 80 Crafted with Basic Workbench
Tin Hoe.png Tin Hoe 1x1 130 Crafted with Tin Workbench
Iron Hoe.png Iron Hoe 2x2 250 Crafted with Iron Workbench
Scarlet Hoe.png Scarlet Hoe 3x3 250 Crafted with Scarlet Workbench

Watering can[edit]

Watering cans are filled from water tiles or Wells and used to wet Hoed ground with Seeds planted. Main article: Gardening

Sprite Name Area of effect Fullness Acquisition
Watering Can.png Watering Can 1x1 100 Crafted with Basic Workbench
Large Watering Can.png Large Watering Can 2x2 300 Crafted with Iron Workbench

Fishing rod[edit]

Fishing rods are a necessary tool for Fishing. Holding the use key winds up a further cast when released.

Sprite Name Fishing Acquisition
Wood Fishing Rod.png Wood Fishing Rod 38 Looted from chests in The Clay Caves and The Forgotten Ruins
Tin Fishing Rod.png Tin Fishing Rod 74 Crafted with Tin Workbench
Iron Fishing Rod.png Iron Fishing Rod 126 Crafted with Iron Workbench
Scarlet Fishing Rod.png Scarlet Fishing Rod 169 Crafted with Scarlet Workbench
Octarine Fishing Rod.png Octarine Fishing Rod 238 Crafted with Octarine Workbench
Galaxite Fishing Rod.png Galaxite Fishing Rod 286 Crafted with Galaxite Workbench

Bug net[edit]

Sprite Name Acquisition
Bug Net.png Bug Net Crafted with Tin Workbench


Sprite Name Acquisition
Harp.png Harp Crafted with Music Workbench
Cello.png Cello Crafted with Music Workbench
Flute.png Flute Crafted with Music Workbench
Ocarina.png Ocarina Found in a digging spot in Azeos' Wilderness



Boats can only be placed down in water. Once placed, a player can interact on them to climb aboard or again to exit onto an adjacent Ground tile.

Sprite Name Speed Acquisition
Boat.png Boat 100% Crafted with Boat Workbench
Speeder.png Speeder 130% Crafted with Boat Workbench


Sprite Name Speed Drift Acceleration Acquisition
Primitive Go-kart.png Primitive Go-kart 60% 100% 100% Crafted with Go-Kart Workbench
Renegade Go-kart.png Renegade Go-kart 85% 0% 150% Crafted with Go-Kart Workbench
Speeder Go-kart.png Speeder Go-kart 110% 120% 100% Crafted with Go-Kart Workbench