Tin Workbench

Tin Workbench
Tin Workbench
Type Workbench
Rarity Common
Description A better workbench to prepare you for the underground world.



Workbench Basic Workbench.pngBasic Workbench
Result Tin Workbench.pngTin Workbench
Materials Wood.png1Wood
Copper Bar.png6Copper Bar
Tin Bar.png15Tin Bar


Crafting workbench[edit]

Tin Workbench.png Tin Workbench

Tin Pickaxe.pngTin PickaxeWood.png4Wood Tin Bar.png3Tin Bar
Tin Shovel.pngTin ShovelWood.png4Wood Tin Bar.png3Tin Bar
Tin Sword.pngTin SwordTin Bar.png7Tin Bar
Bug Net.pngBug NetWood.png8Wood Fiber.png8Fiber
Explorer Backpack.pngExplorer BackpackTin Bar.png5Tin Bar Fiber.png10Fiber
Tin Fishing Rod.pngTin Fishing RodWood.png5Wood Tin Bar.png4Tin Bar
Tin Anvil.pngTin AnvilTin Bar.png8Tin Bar
Alchemist's Table.pngAlchemist's TableWood.png8Wood Slime.png8Slime Tin Bar.png5Tin Bar
Bait Workbench.pngBait WorkbenchWood.png8Wood Tin Bar.png5Tin Bar
Railway Forge.pngRailway ForgeWood.png8Wood Tin Bar.png8Tin Bar
Music Workbench.pngMusic WorkbenchWood.png8Wood Fiber.png5Fiber
Iron Workbench.pngIron WorkbenchWood.png10Wood Tin Bar.png10Tin Bar Iron Bar.png20Iron Bar
Carpenter's Table.pngCarpenter's TableWood.png8Wood Tin Bar.png8Tin Bar
Paintable Wall.png2Paintable WallWood.png1Wood Clay Wall.png1Clay Wall
Paintable Floor.png2Paintable FloorClay Wall.png1Clay Wall
Wood Fence.png2Wood FenceWood.png2Wood
Wood Fence Gate.pngWood Fence GateWood.png2Wood Tin Bar.png2Tin Bar
Spike Trap.pngSpike TrapTin Bar.png1Tin Bar