Vending Machine

Vending Machine
Vending Machine
Type Furniture
Rarity Common
Description An old, still functioning automaton that is proof of advanced technology and a sophisticated society.



Vending machine can be used to purchase various items with Ancient Coin.pngAncient Coin

Sprite Name Price
Cave Crunch.png Cave Crunch 94Ancient Coin
Glazed Heart Berry.png Glazed Heart Berry 96Ancient Coin
Tentacle Jerky.png Tentacle Jerky 95Ancient Coin
Cave Coffee.png Cave Coffee 96Ancient Coin
Heart Berry Soda.png Heart Berry Soda 99Ancient Coin
Crystal Water.png Crystal Water 97Ancient Coin
Lucky Ring.png Lucky Ring 1,950Ancient Coin
Core Figurine.png Core Figurine 3,975Ancient Coin
Oracle Card "Metropolis".png Oracle Card "Metropolis" 3,988Ancient Coin