Large Shiny Glimmering Object

Large Shiny Glimmering Object
Large Shiny Glimmering Object
Type Boss summon
Rarity Epic
Description A crystalline, egg-shaped object. It will catch your eye even from large distances.

This large colourful egg shaped consumable object that will summon Azeos the Sky Titan when placed on the ground within their arena in Azeos' Wilderness. This is always located on a radius of 600 tiles from The Core.



Workbench Ancient Hologram Pod.pngAncient Hologram Pod
Result Large Shiny Glimmering Object.pngLarge Shiny Glimmering Object
Materials Copper Bar.png10Copper Bar
Tin Bar.png10Tin Bar
Iron Bar.png10Iron Bar
Scarlet Bar.png10Scarlet Bar
Gold Bar.png5Gold Bar
Ancient Gemstone.png3Ancient Gemstone