Type Machinery
Rarity Common
Can be painted Yes
Description Lights up when powered with electricity.

Lamps are base building items for automation. Once placed on the ground, they can light up and illuminated their surroundings when connected to power from a Electricity Generator, possibly via a length of Electrical Wire. Their appearance and the color of their ambient lighting can be customised with paint.



Workbench Electronics Table.pngElectronics Table
Result Lamp.pngLamp
Materials Copper Bar.png2Copper Bar
Iron Bar.png2Iron Bar

Color Variations[edit]

This is a paintable object. Brushes from the Painter's Table can be used to give it this range of different appearances (when powered):

Lamp red.png Lamp yellow.png Lamp green.png Lamp blue.png Lamp purple.png Lamp brown.png Lamp black.png Lamp white.png