Slippery Slime

Slippery Slime
Slippery Slime
Rarity Common
Description A blue slime blob almost too slick to hold onto. Can be further processed.



Workbench Distillery Table.pngDistillery Table
Result Slippery Slime.pngSlippery Slime
Materials Ground Slippery Slime.png10Ground Slippery Slime


Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Blue Slime Slippery Slime.pngSlippery Slime 97.56% 1
Morpha the Aquatic Mass Slippery Slime.pngSlippery Slime 54.35% 4-6


Crafting material[edit]

Workbench Result Materials
Ancient Hologram Pod.pngAncient Hologram Pod Morpha the Aquatic Mass Scanner.pngMorpha the Aquatic Mass Scanner Ancient Gemstone.png10Ancient Gemstone Mechanical Part.png10Mechanical Part Slippery Slime.png90Slippery Slime