Rune Parchment

Rune Parchment
Rune Parchment
Type Workbench
Rarity Epic
Description A unusually well preserved piece of ancient paper. The runes are impossible to decipher but small symbols hint at it being the recipe for a strange weapon.
Sell value 400Ancient Coin



Merchant Stock Price Sell requirement
Caveling Merchant 1 2,000Ancient Coin All statues activated


Crafting workbench[edit]

Workbench Result Materials
Rune Parchment.pngRune Parchment Rune Song.pngRune Song Broken Handle.png1Broken Handle Chipped Blade.png1Chipped Blade Clear Gemstone.png1Clear Gemstone Iron Bar.png50Iron Bar Ancient Gemstone.png10Ancient Gemstone