Larva Meat

Larva Meat
Larva Meat
Type Food
Rarity Common
Effects +11 food
+2.8 health every sec for 20 sec
Can be cooked Yes
Description Only true survivors eat it raw.




Merchant Stock Price Sell requirement
Slime Merchant 10 10Ancient Coin Ghorm's statue activated


Enemy Item Chance Rolls
Larva Larva Meat.pngLarva Meat 6.04% 1
Big Larva Larva Meat.pngLarva Meat 30.53% 1
Acid Larva Larva Meat.pngLarva Meat 6.02% 1


Cooking ingredient[edit]

Effects when cooked
+22 food
+2.8 health every sec for 20 sec
+6% critical hit chance for 2 min

Crafting material[edit]

Workbench Result Materials
Ghorm's Horn.pngGhorm's Horn Carapace Helm.pngCarapace Helm Tin Bar.png9Tin Bar Larva Meat.png4Larva Meat Slime.png6Slime Fiber.png5Fiber
Ghorm's Horn.pngGhorm's Horn Carapace Breastplate.pngCarapace Breastplate Tin Bar.png12Tin Bar Larva Meat.png5Larva Meat Slime.png8Slime Fiber.png6Fiber
Heart of the Hive Mother.pngHeart of the Hive Mother Larva Spike Club.pngLarva Spike Club Iron Bar.png12Iron Bar Larva Meat.png10Larva Meat Wood.png10Wood
Heart of the Hive Mother.pngHeart of the Hive Mother Grubzooka.pngGrubzooka Iron Bar.png20Iron Bar Larva Meat.png15Larva Meat
Alchemist's Table.pngAlchemist's Table Enrage Potion.pngEnrage Potion Slime.png3Slime Larva Meat.png3Larva Meat