Gardening involves gathering seeds, hoeing an area of a compatible ground type to plant them in and watering it with a Watering Can or Sprinkler. Then, once fully grown, manually harvesting them for gardening experience and vegetable items to use in cooking.

Growing time[edit]

It takes 10 minutes to go from a watered seed to a harvest-able plant:

  • 2 mins to go from watered seed to sprout
  • 4 mins to go from sprout to pre-harvest
  • 4 mins to go from pre-harvest to harvest-able crop

Skill tree[edit]

An experience point is awarded for each fully grown plant manually harvested (not for wood).

Characters initially fail to retrieve seed from about 25% of the plants they harvest. Requiring more to be looted to maintain the same stock, until the Grateful gardener talent has 5 points in it.

Each gardening level increases a players extra harvest chance by 0.4%, for up to 40% at level 100. So able to gaining an average of 14 vegetables for each 10 plants harvested.

Grateful gardener.png
Grateful gardener
+5-25% chance to gain a seed when harvesting plants
Eat your vegetables!.png
Eat your vegetables!
+5-25% food when eating plants or cooked food made out of plants
Bottomless water can.png
Bottomless water can
+10-50% chance to not consume water when using water can
Thorny weapons.png
Thorny weapons
+5-25% critical hit damage
Thorny skin.png
Thorny skin
+10-50 thorns damage
Poison coated weapons.png
Poison coated weapons
+5-25% chance to apply poison on hit, reduces enemy healing received by 75%
Expert gardener.png
Expert gardener
+3-15% chance that plants planted by you become golden
Potent poison.png
Potent poison
+5-25% damage against poisoned targets


Seeds are listed in the natural order of world progression.

Sprite Name Harvest Notes
Root Seed.png Root Seed Wood.pngWood As the root seeds mature, they spread wood around them over time
Heart Berry Seed.png Heart Berry Seed Heart Berry.pngHeart Berry
Golden Heart Berry.pngGolden Heart Berry
Glow Tulip Seed.png Glow Tulip Seed Glow Tulip.pngGlow Tulip
Golden Glow Tulip.pngGolden Glow Tulip
Bomb Pepper Seed.png Bomb Pepper Seed Bomb Pepper.pngBomb Pepper
Golden Bomb Pepper.pngGolden Bomb Pepper
Grub Kapok Seed.png Grub Kapok Seed Fiber.pngFiber
Carrock Seed.png Carrock Seed Carrock.pngCarrock
Golden Carrock.pngGolden Carrock
Only grows on stone ground
Puffungi Seed.png Puffungi Seed Puffungi.pngPuffungi
Golden Puffungi.pngGolden Puffungi
Only grows on mold ground
Coral Seed.png Coral Seed Coral Wood.pngCoral Wood Only grows on beach sand ground
Bloat Oat Seed.png Bloat Oat Seed Bloat Oat.pngBloat Oat
Golden Bloat Oat.pngGolden Bloat Oat
Pewpaya Seed.png Pewpaya Seed Pewpaya.pngPewpaya
Golden Pewpaya.pngGolden Pewpaya
Only grows on beach sand ground
Pinegrapple Seed.png Pinegrapple Seed Pinegrapple.pngPinegrapple
Golden Pinegrapple.pngGolden Pinegrapple
Only grows on beach sand ground
Grumpkin Seed.png Grumpkin Seed Grumpkin.pngGrumpkin
Golden Grumpkin.pngGolden Grumpkin

Harvest chance[edit]

Harvest chance increases the probability of obtaining double the harvested crop. It is possible to obtain 100% harvest chance that guarantees two crops per harvest with various accessories and the Farmer's Hat. Even without a single level in Gardening, wearing all the equipment below will grant you 67.3% harvest chance.

Sprite Name Harvest Chance Increase Notes
Grateful gardener.png Gardening 40% at Level 100 Each level increases harvest chance by 0.4%
Farmer's Hat.png Farmer's Hat 10.1% (+1.5% when reinforced) -
Petal Ring.png Petal Ring 22.7% Rings can be stacked to obtain 45.4% harvest chance
Eostre Necklace.png Eostre Necklace 10.3% -