Part of a crafting area with various workbenches adjacent to chests, so they can draw materials directly from them

Crafting is the creation of new items from materials. Most commonly at a crafting station, but sometimes in-hand.

Skill tree[edit]

Experience is awarded per craft, not per item crafted (when there are multiple).

Each crafting skill level increases your armor by 0.5%, for up to 50% at level 100.

Base builder.png
Base builder
+6-30% chance to gain an extra item when crafting any wall, floor, bridge, or fence
The right tools in the right hands.png
The right tools in the right hands
+4-20% chance to not lose durability when using tools and weapons
High quality equipment.png
High quality equipment
+4-20% chance to not lose durability on equipment when taking damage
+4-20% chance to gain an extra item when crafting any item at the alchemy table or distillery
Industry specialist.png
Industry specialist
+1-5 extra items gained when crafting rails, wires, or conveyor belts
Crafting items at the anvil and repairing items costs 5-25% less materials
Jewelry crafter.png
Jewelry crafter
+10-50% chance to gain a polished version of any item crafted at the jewelry workbench
+6-30% armor while at low health

By hand[edit]

Result Materials
Torch.png3Torch Wood.png1Wood
Wood Pickaxe.pngWood Pickaxe Wood.png4Wood
Wood Shovel.pngWood Shovel Wood.png4Wood
Basic Workbench.pngBasic Workbench Wood.png8Wood

Crafting stations[edit]

Basic Workbench.png Basic Workbench

Copper Pickaxe.pngCopper PickaxeWood.png4Wood Copper Bar.png2Copper Bar
Copper Shovel.pngCopper ShovelWood.png4Wood Copper Bar.png2Copper Bar
Copper Sword.pngCopper SwordCopper Bar.png6Copper Bar
Copper Hoe.pngCopper HoeWood.png4Wood Copper Bar.png2Copper Bar
Small Lantern.pngSmall LanternCopper Bar.png4Copper Bar Slime.png5Slime
Watering Can.pngWatering CanCopper Bar.png4Copper Bar
Furnace.pngFurnaceDirt Wall.png20Dirt Wall
Cooking Pot.pngCooking PotWood.png2Wood Copper Bar.png6Copper Bar
Salvage and Repair Station.pngSalvage and Repair StationWood.png5Wood Copper Bar.png5Copper Bar
Copper Anvil.pngCopper AnvilCopper Bar.png8Copper Bar
Tin Workbench.pngTin WorkbenchWood.png10Wood Copper Bar.png6Copper Bar Tin Bar.png15Tin Bar
Wood Wall.png2Wood WallWood.png1Wood Dirt Wall.png1Dirt Wall
Wood Floor.png2Wood FloorWood.png1Wood
Wood Door.pngWood DoorWood.png4Wood Copper Bar.png2Copper Bar
Wood Bridge.png2Wood BridgeWood.png1Wood
Bed.pngBedWood.png10Wood Fiber.png5Fiber

Tin Workbench.png Tin Workbench

Tin Pickaxe.pngTin PickaxeWood.png4Wood Tin Bar.png3Tin Bar
Tin Shovel.pngTin ShovelWood.png4Wood Tin Bar.png3Tin Bar
Tin Sword.pngTin SwordTin Bar.png7Tin Bar
Bug Net.pngBug NetWood.png8Wood Fiber.png8Fiber
Explorer Backpack.pngExplorer BackpackTin Bar.png5Tin Bar Fiber.png10Fiber
Tin Fishing Rod.pngTin Fishing RodWood.png5Wood Tin Bar.png4Tin Bar
Tin Anvil.pngTin AnvilTin Bar.png8Tin Bar
Alchemist's Table.pngAlchemist's TableWood.png8Wood Slime.png8Slime Tin Bar.png5Tin Bar
Painter's Table.pngPainter's TableWood.png8Wood Slime.png8Slime Tin Bar.png5Tin Bar
Bait Workbench.pngBait WorkbenchWood.png8Wood Tin Bar.png5Tin Bar
Railway Forge.pngRailway ForgeWood.png8Wood Tin Bar.png8Tin Bar
Iron Workbench.pngIron WorkbenchWood.png10Wood Tin Bar.png10Tin Bar Iron Bar.png20Iron Bar
Carpenter's Table.pngCarpenter's TableWood.png8Wood Tin Bar.png8Tin Bar
Paintable Wall.png2Paintable WallWood.png1Wood Clay Wall.png1Clay Wall
Paintable Floor.png2Paintable FloorClay Wall.png1Clay Wall
Wood Fence.png2Wood FenceWood.png2Wood
Wood Fence Gate.pngWood Fence GateWood.png2Wood Tin Bar.png2Tin Bar
Spike Trap.pngSpike TrapTin Bar.png1Tin Bar

Iron Workbench.png Iron Workbench

Iron Pickaxe.pngIron PickaxeWood.png4Wood Iron Bar.png4Iron Bar Gold Bar.png1Gold Bar
Iron Shovel.pngIron ShovelWood.png4Wood Iron Bar.png4Iron Bar Gold Bar.png1Gold Bar
Iron Hoe.pngIron HoeWood.png4Wood Iron Bar.png4Iron Bar Gold Bar.png1Gold Bar
Iron Sword.pngIron SwordIron Bar.png8Iron Bar Gold Bar.png1Gold Bar
Large Watering Can.pngLarge Watering CanIron Bar.png10Iron Bar
Iron Fishing Rod.pngIron Fishing RodWood.png5Wood Iron Bar.png5Iron Bar Gold Bar.png1Gold Bar
Smelter Kiln.pngSmelter KilnTin Bar.png5Tin Bar Iron Bar.png5Iron Bar
Iron Anvil.pngIron AnvilIron Bar.png10Iron Bar
Jewelry Workbench.pngJewelry WorkbenchWood.png8Wood Iron Bar.png8Iron Bar Gold Bar.png4Gold Bar
Electronics Table.pngElectronics TableWood.png8Wood Copper Bar.png8Copper Bar Iron Bar.png8Iron Bar
Cartography Table.pngCartography TablePlank.png40Plank Iron Bar.png10Iron Bar
Scarlet Workbench.pngScarlet WorkbenchTin Bar.png10Tin Bar Iron Bar.png15Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png25Scarlet Bar
Stone Bricks Wall.png2Stone Bricks WallStone Wall.png2Stone Wall
Stone Floor.png2Stone FloorStone Wall.png1Stone Wall
Stone Bridge.png2Stone BridgeStone Wall.png1Stone Wall
Stone Fence.png2Stone FenceStone Wall.png2Stone Wall
Stone Fence Gate.pngStone Fence GateStone Wall.png2Stone Wall Iron Bar.png2Iron Bar
Stone Door.pngStone DoorStone Wall.png4Stone Wall

Scarlet Workbench.png Scarlet Workbench

Scarlet Pickaxe.pngScarlet PickaxeTin Bar.png4Tin Bar Scarlet Bar.png6Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Shovel.pngScarlet ShovelScarlet Bar.png6Scarlet Bar Iron Bar.png2Iron Bar
Scarlet Hoe.pngScarlet HoeScarlet Bar.png6Scarlet Bar Tin Bar.png2Tin Bar
Scarlet Fishing Rod.pngScarlet Fishing RodWood.png5Wood Scarlet Bar.png7Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Shell Backpack.pngScarlet Shell BackpackFiber.png15Fiber Scarlet Bar.png10Scarlet Bar
Orb Lantern.pngOrb LanternScarlet Bar.png8Scarlet Bar Slime.png5Slime
Scarlet Anvil.pngScarlet AnvilScarlet Bar.png15Scarlet Bar
Automation Table.pngAutomation TableMechanical Part.png5Mechanical Part Iron Bar.png8Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png8Scarlet Bar
Distillery Table.pngDistillery TablePlank.png25Plank Poison Slime.png8Poison Slime Scarlet Bar.png10Scarlet Bar
Key Casting Table.pngKey Casting TablePlank.png20Plank Iron Bar.png10Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png10Scarlet Bar
Boat Workbench.pngBoat WorkbenchPlank.png50Plank Scarlet Bar.png15Scarlet Bar
Octarine Workbench.pngOctarine WorkbenchCoral Plank.png50Coral Plank Scarlet Bar.png25Scarlet Bar Octarine Bar.png40Octarine Bar
Scarlet Wall.png2Scarlet WallIron Bar.png1Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png1Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Floor.png2Scarlet FloorScarlet Bar.png1Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Bridge.png2Scarlet BridgeScarlet Bar.png1Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Fence.png2Scarlet FenceScarlet Bar.png1Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Fence Gate.pngScarlet Fence GateIron Bar.png1Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png1Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Door.pngScarlet DoorIron Bar.png2Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png2Scarlet Bar

Copper Anvil.png Copper Anvil

Wood Helm.pngWood HelmWood.png7Wood
Wood Chest.pngWood ChestWood.png12Wood
Wood Pants.pngWood PantsWood.png10Wood
Copper Helm.pngCopper HelmCopper Bar.png8Copper Bar
Copper Breastplate.pngCopper BreastplateCopper Bar.png11Copper Bar
Copper Pants.pngCopper PantsCopper Bar.png9Copper Bar

Tin Anvil.png Tin Anvil

Bronze Helm.pngBronze HelmTin Bar.png4Tin Bar Copper Bar.png4Copper Bar Fiber.png3Fiber
Bronze Breastplate.pngBronze BreastplateTin Bar.png6Tin Bar Copper Bar.png6Copper Bar Fiber.png4Fiber
Bronze Pants.pngBronze PantsTin Bar.png5Tin Bar Copper Bar.png5Copper Bar Fiber.png5Fiber
Tin Dagger.pngTin DaggerTin Bar.png7Tin Bar
Slingshot.pngSlingshotTin Bar.png3Tin Bar Wood.png10Wood
Wooden Shield.pngWooden ShieldWood.png10Wood Tin Bar.png5Tin Bar

Iron Anvil.png Iron Anvil

Iron Helm.pngIron HelmIron Bar.png10Iron Bar Gold Bar.png1Gold Bar Fiber.png5Fiber
Iron Breastplate.pngIron BreastplateIron Bar.png15Iron Bar Gold Bar.png3Gold Bar Fiber.png6Fiber
Iron Pants.pngIron PantsIron Bar.png13Iron Bar Gold Bar.png2Gold Bar Fiber.png6Fiber
Iron Bow.pngIron BowIron Bar.png7Iron Bar Gold Bar.png1Gold Bar Wood.png5Wood

Scarlet Anvil.png Scarlet Anvil

Scarlet Helm.pngScarlet HelmScarlet Bar.png13Scarlet Bar Iron Bar.png2Iron Bar Fiber.png6Fiber
Scarlet Breastplate.pngScarlet BreastplateScarlet Bar.png18Scarlet Bar Iron Bar.png3Iron Bar Fiber.png8Fiber
Scarlet Pants.pngScarlet PantsScarlet Bar.png16Scarlet Bar Iron Bar.png4Iron Bar Fiber.png7Fiber
Scarlet Sword.pngScarlet SwordIron Bar.png4Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png10Scarlet Bar
Scarlet Dagger.pngScarlet DaggerIron Bar.png4Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png10Scarlet Bar

Furnace.png Furnace

Copper Bar.pngCopper BarCopper Ore.png1Copper Ore
Tin Bar.pngTin BarTin Ore.png1Tin Ore
Iron Bar.pngIron BarIron Ore.png1Iron Ore

Smelter Kiln.png Smelter Kiln

Gold Bar.pngGold BarGold Ore.png1Gold Ore
Scarlet Bar.pngScarlet BarScarlet Ore.png1Scarlet Ore
Octarine Bar.pngOctarine BarOctarine Ore.png1Octarine Ore

Glurch Eye.png Glurch Eye

Ghorm the Devourer Scanner.pngGhorm the Devourer ScannerAncient Gemstone.png5Ancient Gemstone Mechanical Part.png5Mechanical Part
Hive Mother Scanner.pngHive Mother ScannerAncient Gemstone.png5Ancient Gemstone Mechanical Part.png5Mechanical Part
Slime Sword.pngSlime SwordCopper Bar.png8Copper Bar Tin Bar.png8Tin Bar Slime.png15Slime

Ghorm's Horn.png Ghorm's Horn

Carapace Helm.pngCarapace HelmTin Bar.png9Tin Bar Larva Meat.png4Larva Meat Slime.png6Slime Fiber.png5Fiber
Carapace Breastplate.pngCarapace BreastplateTin Bar.png12Tin Bar Larva Meat.png5Larva Meat Slime.png8Slime Fiber.png6Fiber
Recall Idol.pngRecall IdolAncient Gemstone.png1Ancient Gemstone Mechanical Part.png1Mechanical Part

Heart of the Hive Mother.png Heart of the Hive Mother

Larva Spike Club.pngLarva Spike ClubIron Bar.png12Iron Bar Larva Meat.png10Larva Meat Wood.png10Wood
Grubzooka.pngGrubzookaIron Bar.png20Iron Bar Larva Meat.png15Larva Meat
Ancient Hologram Pod.pngAncient Hologram PodAncient Gemstone.png10Ancient Gemstone Mechanical Part.png10Mechanical Part

Painter's Table.png Painter's Table

Yellow Paint Brush.pngYellow Paint BrushSlime.png3Slime Wood.png1Wood
Blue Paint Brush.pngBlue Paint BrushSlime.png3Slime Wood.png1Wood
Red Paint Brush.pngRed Paint BrushSlime.png3Slime Wood.png1Wood
Green Paint Brush.pngGreen Paint BrushSlime.png3Slime Wood.png1Wood
White Paint Brush.pngWhite Paint BrushSlime.png3Slime Wood.png1Wood
Black Paint Brush.pngBlack Paint BrushSlime.png3Slime Wood.png1Wood
Purple Paint Brush.pngPurple Paint BrushSlime.png3Slime Wood.png1Wood
Brown Paint Brush.pngBrown Paint BrushSlime.png3Slime Wood.png1Wood

Carpenter's Table.png Carpenter's Table

Dresser.pngDresserWood.png12Wood Tin Bar.png5Tin Bar
Wood Stool.pngWood StoolWood.png6Wood
Wood Table.pngWood TableWood.png12Wood
Loose Flooring.pngLoose FlooringClay Wall.png1Clay Wall
Decorative Torch.pngDecorative TorchWood.png1Wood
Decorative Pot.pngDecorative PotClay Wall.png6Clay Wall Stone Wall.png2Stone Wall
Painting.pngPaintingWood.png8Wood Copper Bar.png2Copper Bar Tin Bar.png2Tin Bar
Seasonal Calendar.pngSeasonal CalendarWood.png5Wood Fiber.png8Fiber

Jewelry Workbench.png Jewelry Workbench

Copper Cross Necklace.pngCopper Cross NecklaceCopper Bar.png10Copper Bar
Iron Chunk Necklace.pngIron Chunk NecklaceIron Bar.png10Iron Bar
Gold Crystal Necklace.pngGold Crystal NecklaceGold Bar.png10Gold Bar Ancient Gemstone.png1Ancient Gemstone
Gold Crystal Ring.pngGold Crystal RingGold Bar.png8Gold Bar Ancient Gemstone.png1Ancient Gemstone
Glow Tulip Ring.pngGlow Tulip RingGlow Tulip.png10Glow Tulip Iron Bar.png10Iron Bar
Swift Ring.pngSwift RingIron Bar.png12Iron Bar Ancient Gemstone.png3Ancient Gemstone

Alchemist's Table.png Alchemist's Table

Healing Potion.pngHealing PotionSlime.png3Slime Heart Berry.png3Heart Berry
Enrage Potion.pngEnrage PotionSlime.png3Slime Larva Meat.png3Larva Meat
Stoneskin Potion.pngStoneskin PotionSlime.png3Slime Carrock.png3Carrock
Crude Bomb.pngCrude BombBomb Pepper.png1Bomb Pepper Slime.png1Slime
Bomb.pngBombBomb Pepper.png3Bomb Pepper Slime.png2Slime

Distillery Table.png Distillery Table

Greater Healing Potion.pngGreater Healing PotionPoison Slime.png3Poison Slime Heart Berry.png5Heart Berry
Keen Potion.pngKeen PotionPoison Slime.png3Poison Slime Azure Feather Fish.png1Azure Feather Fish
Guardian's Potion.pngGuardian's PotionPoison Slime.png3Poison Slime Puffungi.png3Puffungi Ancient Gemstone.png1Ancient Gemstone
Poison Aid Potion.pngPoison Aid PotionPoison Slime.png10Poison Slime
Large Bomb.pngLarge BombBomb Pepper.png5Bomb Pepper Poison Slime.png3Poison Slime
Slime.pngSlimeGround Slime.png10Ground Slime
Poison Slime.pngPoison SlimeGround Poison Slime.png10Ground Poison Slime
Slippery Slime.pngSlippery SlimeGround Slippery Slime.png10Ground Slippery Slime
Magma Slime.pngMagma SlimeGround Magma Slime.png10Ground Magma Slime

Electronics Table.png Electronics Table

Electricity Generator.pngElectricity GeneratorCopper Bar.png10Copper Bar Iron Bar.png5Iron Bar Gold Bar.png1Gold Bar
Lamp.pngLampCopper Bar.png2Copper Bar Iron Bar.png2Iron Bar
Electrical Door.pngElectrical DoorIron Bar.png5Iron Bar Mechanical Part.png1Mechanical Part
Table Saw.pngTable SawWood.png8Wood Copper Bar.png5Copper Bar Iron Bar.png5Iron Bar
Dynamite Pack.pngDynamite PackBomb Pepper.png2Bomb Pepper Slime.png2Slime Copper Bar.png1Copper Bar
Electricity Stick.pngElectricity StickWood.png1Wood Copper Bar.png2Copper Bar
Electrical Wire.png3Electrical WireCopper Bar.png1Copper Bar
Lever.pngLeverWood.png3Wood Copper Bar.png2Copper Bar Iron Bar.png1Iron Bar
Pressure Plate.pngPressure PlateCopper Bar.png2Copper Bar Iron Bar.png2Iron Bar
Cross Circuit.pngCross CircuitCopper Bar.png1Copper Bar
Delay Circuit.pngDelay CircuitCopper Bar.png1Copper Bar Iron Bar.png1Iron Bar
Logic Circuit.pngLogic CircuitCopper Bar.png1Copper Bar Iron Bar.png1Iron Bar

Automation Table.png Automation Table

Conveyor Belt.png5Conveyor BeltIron Bar.png1Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png1Scarlet Bar
Drill.pngDrillIron Bar.png10Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png10Scarlet Bar
Robot Arm.pngRobot ArmIron Bar.png5Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png5Scarlet Bar
Sprinkler.pngSprinklerScarlet Bar.png8Scarlet Bar Iron Bar.png8Iron Bar

Railway Forge.png Railway Forge

Rail.png5RailWood.png2Wood Tin Bar.png1Tin Bar
Minecart.pngMinecartWood.png10Wood Tin Bar.png10Tin Bar

Ancient Hologram Pod.png Ancient Hologram Pod

Azeos the Sky Titan Scanner.pngAzeos the Sky Titan ScannerAncient Gemstone.png5Ancient Gemstone Mechanical Part.png5Mechanical Part Ancient Feather.png10Ancient Feather
Ivy the Poisonous Mass Scanner.pngIvy the Poisonous Mass ScannerAncient Gemstone.png8Ancient Gemstone Mechanical Part.png8Mechanical Part Poison Slime.png90Poison Slime
Omoroth the Sea Titan Scanner.pngOmoroth the Sea Titan ScannerAncient Gemstone.png10Ancient Gemstone Mechanical Part.png10Mechanical Part Sea Shell.png20Sea Shell
Morpha the Aquatic Mass Scanner.pngMorpha the Aquatic Mass ScannerAncient Gemstone.png10Ancient Gemstone Mechanical Part.png10Mechanical Part Slippery Slime.png90Slippery Slime
Ra-Akar the Sand Titan Scanner.pngRa-Akar the Sand Titan ScannerAncient Gemstone.png20Ancient Gemstone Mechanical Part.png20Mechanical Part Scarab Wingcover.png40Scarab Wingcover
Igneous the Molten Mass Scanner.pngIgneous the Molten Mass ScannerAncient Gemstone.png20Ancient Gemstone Mechanical Part.png20Mechanical Part Magma Slime.png120Magma Slime
Large Shiny Glimmering Object.pngLarge Shiny Glimmering ObjectCopper Bar.png10Copper Bar Tin Bar.png10Tin Bar Iron Bar.png10Iron Bar Scarlet Bar.png10Scarlet Bar Gold Bar.png5Gold Bar Ancient Gemstone.png3Ancient Gemstone
Expert Lure.pngExpert LurePurple Bait.png1Purple Bait Spicy Bait.png30Spicy Bait Sweet Bait.png30Sweet Bait Glowing Bait.png30Glowing Bait Octarine Bar.png30Octarine Bar Ancient Gemstone.png10Ancient Gemstone
Thumper.pngThumperFiber.png50Fiber Plank.png50Plank Scarlet Bar.png30Scarlet Bar Galaxite Bar.png30Galaxite Bar Mechanical Part.png10Mechanical Part Ancient Gemstone.png20Ancient Gemstone

Bait Workbench.png Bait Workbench

Spicy Bait.png5Spicy BaitBomb Pepper.png1Bomb Pepper
Sweet Bait.png5Sweet BaitHeart Berry.png1Heart Berry
Glowing Bait.png5Glowing BaitGlow Tulip.png1Glow Tulip
Sticky Bait.png5Sticky BaitLarva Meat.png1Larva Meat

Proficient Jewelry Workbench.png Proficient Jewelry Workbench

Coral Amulet.pngCoral AmuletCoral Wood.png80Coral Wood
Scarlet Chunk Necklace.pngScarlet Chunk NecklaceScarlet Bar.png35Scarlet Bar
Octarine Necklace.pngOctarine NecklaceOctarine Bar.png30Octarine Bar Ancient Gemstone.png5Ancient Gemstone
Magnetic Ring.pngMagnetic RingIron Bar.png30Iron Bar
Golden Spike Ring.pngGolden Spike RingIron Bar.png10Iron Bar Gold Bar.png25Gold Bar
Octarine Ring.pngOctarine RingOctarine Bar.png20Octarine Bar Ancient Gemstone.png5Ancient Gemstone

Boat Workbench.png Boat Workbench

Boat.pngBoatPlank.png80Plank Scarlet Bar.png50Scarlet Bar Mechanical Part.png20Mechanical Part
Speeder.pngSpeederCoral Plank.png200Coral Plank Octarine Bar.png120Octarine Bar Gold Bar.png30Gold Bar Mechanical Part.png30Mechanical Part

Table Saw.png Table Saw

Coral Plank.pngCoral PlankCoral Wood.png1Coral Wood

Octarine Workbench.png Octarine Workbench

Octarine Pickaxe.pngOctarine PickaxeCoral Wood.png10Coral Wood Octarine Bar.png12Octarine Bar
Octarine Shovel.pngOctarine ShovelCoral Wood.png10Coral Wood Octarine Bar.png10Octarine Bar
Octarine Sword.pngOctarine SwordOctarine Bar.png16Octarine Bar
Octarine Bag.pngOctarine BagFiber.png20Fiber Octarine Bar.png20Octarine Bar
Octarine Fishing Rod.pngOctarine Fishing RodCoral Wood.png8Coral Wood Octarine Bar.png9Octarine Bar
Octarine Anvil.pngOctarine AnvilOctarine Bar.png15Octarine Bar
Proficient Jewelry Workbench.pngProficient Jewelry WorkbenchCoral Plank.png30Coral Plank Octarine Bar.png15Octarine Bar Gold Bar.png10Gold Bar
Portal.pngPortalCopper Bar.png100Copper Bar Iron Bar.png100Iron Bar Octarine Bar.png100Octarine Bar Coral Plank.png200Coral Plank Mechanical Part.png20Mechanical Part Ancient Gemstone.png30Ancient Gemstone
Fury Forge.pngFury ForgeOctarine Bar.png30Octarine Bar Scarlet Bar.png15Scarlet Bar
Galaxite Workbench.pngGalaxite WorkbenchCoral Plank.png100Coral Plank Octarine Bar.png50Octarine Bar Galaxite Bar.png70Galaxite Bar
Coral Wall.png2Coral WallLimestone Wall.png1Limestone Wall Coral Plank.png1Coral Plank
Coral Floor.png2Coral FloorCoral Plank.png1Coral Plank
Coral Bridge.png2Coral BridgeCoral Plank.png1Coral Plank
Coral Fence.png2Coral FenceCoral Plank.png1Coral Plank
Coral Fence Gate.pngCoral Fence GateCoral Plank.png1Coral Plank Octarine Bar.png1Octarine Bar
Lit Floor.pngLit FloorLimestone Wall.png1Limestone Wall Octarine Bar.png1Octarine Bar

Octarine Anvil.png Octarine Anvil

Octarine Helm.pngOctarine HelmOctarine Bar.png25Octarine Bar Scarlet Bar.png13Scarlet Bar Gold Bar.png5Gold Bar
Octarine Breastplate.pngOctarine BreastplateOctarine Bar.png30Octarine Bar Scarlet Bar.png15Scarlet Bar Gold Bar.png7Gold Bar
Octarine Pants.pngOctarine PantsOctarine Bar.png27Octarine Bar Scarlet Bar.png14Scarlet Bar Gold Bar.png6Gold Bar
Octarine Axe.pngOctarine AxeOctarine Bar.png18Octarine Bar
Octarine Bow.pngOctarine BowOctarine Bar.png15Octarine Bar Coral Wood.png15Coral Wood
Octarine Shield.pngOctarine ShieldOctarine Bar.png18Octarine Bar Coral Wood.png15Coral Wood

Fury Forge.png Fury Forge

Galaxite Bar.pngGalaxite BarGalaxite Ore.png1Galaxite Ore

Galaxite Workbench.png Galaxite Workbench

Galaxite Pickaxe.pngGalaxite PickaxeCoral Plank.png20Coral Plank Galaxite Bar.png20Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Shovel.pngGalaxite ShovelCoral Plank.png18Coral Plank Galaxite Bar.png18Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Sword.pngGalaxite SwordGalaxite Bar.png24Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Fishing Rod.pngGalaxite Fishing RodCoral Plank.png17Coral Plank Galaxite Bar.png17Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Anvil.pngGalaxite AnvilGalaxite Bar.png25Galaxite Bar
Go-Kart Workbench.pngGo-Kart WorkbenchCoral Plank.png70Coral Plank Galaxite Bar.png35Galaxite Bar Scarlet Bar.png20Scarlet Bar
Galaxite Trap.pngGalaxite TrapGalaxite Bar.png3Galaxite Bar Magma Slime.png2Magma Slime
Galaxite Turret.pngGalaxite TurretGalaxite Bar.png15Galaxite Bar Mechanical Part.png4Mechanical Part
Galaxite Wall.png2Galaxite WallGalaxite Bar.png1Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Floor.png2Galaxite FloorGalaxite Bar.png1Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Bridge.png2Galaxite BridgeGalaxite Bar.png1Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Fence.png2Galaxite FenceCoral Plank.png1Coral Plank Galaxite Bar.png1Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Fence Gate.pngGalaxite Fence GateCoral Plank.png1Coral Plank Galaxite Bar.png2Galaxite Bar

Galaxite Anvil.png Galaxite Anvil

Galaxite Helm.pngGalaxite HelmGalaxite Bar.png33Galaxite Bar Octarine Bar.png18Octarine Bar
Galaxite Torso.pngGalaxite TorsoGalaxite Bar.png38Galaxite Bar Octarine Bar.png22Octarine Bar
Galaxite Pants.pngGalaxite PantsGalaxite Bar.png35Galaxite Bar Octarine Bar.png20Octarine Bar
Galaxite Dagger.pngGalaxite DaggerGalaxite Bar.png20Galaxite Bar
Galaxite Chakram.pngGalaxite ChakramGalaxite Bar.png22Galaxite Bar

Key Casting Table.png Key Casting Table

Copper Key.pngCopper KeyCopper Bar.png10Copper Bar
Iron Key.pngIron KeyIron Bar.png10Iron Bar
Scarlet Key.pngScarlet KeyScarlet Bar.png15Scarlet Bar
Octarine Key.pngOctarine KeyOctarine Bar.png20Octarine Bar
Galaxite Key.pngGalaxite KeyGalaxite Bar.png20Galaxite Bar

Go-Kart Workbench.png Go-Kart Workbench

Primitive Go-kart.pngPrimitive Go-kartTin Bar.png100Tin Bar Copper Bar.png100Copper Bar Mechanical Part.png30Mechanical Part
Renegade Go-kart.pngRenegade Go-kartGalaxite Bar.png380Galaxite Bar Iron Bar.png250Iron Bar Copper Bar.png250Copper Bar Mechanical Part.png70Mechanical Part
Speeder Go-kart.pngSpeeder Go-kartGalaxite Bar.png380Galaxite Bar Scarlet Bar.png250Scarlet Bar Copper Bar.png250Copper Bar Mechanical Part.png70Mechanical Part

Casting items[edit]

Rune Parchment.png Rune Parchment

Rune Song.pngRune SongBroken Handle.png1Broken Handle Chipped Blade.png1Chipped Blade Clear Gemstone.png1Clear Gemstone Iron Bar.png50Iron Bar Ancient Gemstone.png10Ancient Gemstone

Crystal Skull Shard.png Crystal Skull Shard

Skull of the Corrupted Shaman.pngSkull of the Corrupted ShamanCrystal Skull Shard.png10Crystal Skull Shard

Empty Crystal.png Empty Crystal

Admin Key.pngAdmin KeyShutdown Protocol.png1Shutdown Protocol Anomaly Report.png1Anomaly Report Overwrite Transcript.png1Overwrite Transcript

Glyph Parchment.png Glyph Parchment

Phantom Spark.pngPhantom SparkChanneling Gemstone.png1Channeling Gemstone Fractured Limbs.png1Fractured Limbs Energy String.png1Energy String Octarine Bar.png100Octarine Bar Ancient Gemstone.png20Ancient Gemstone

Thread of Fate.png Thread of Fate

Oracle Deck.pngOracle DeckOracle Card "Aura".png1Oracle Card "Aura" Oracle Card "Brilliance".png1Oracle Card "Brilliance" Oracle Card "Entity".png1Oracle Card "Entity" Oracle Card "Inspiration".png1Oracle Card "Inspiration" Oracle Card "Metropolis".png1Oracle Card "Metropolis" Oracle Card "Wisdom".png1Oracle Card "Wisdom" Oracle Card "Radiance".png1Oracle Card "Radiance" Oracle Card "Temperance".png1Oracle Card "Temperance" Oracle Card "Endurance".png1Oracle Card "Endurance"

Crystal Meteor Shard.png Crystal Meteor Shard

Crystal Meteor Chunk.pngCrystal Meteor ChunkCrystal Meteor Shard.png8Crystal Meteor Shard

Cipher Parchment.png Cipher Parchment

Soul Seeker.pngSoul SeekerAncient Pickaxe.png1Ancient Pickaxe Gold Bar.png400Gold Bar Scarlet Bar.png800Scarlet Bar Octarine Bar.png800Octarine Bar Galaxite Bar.png800Galaxite Bar Ancient Gemstone.png100Ancient Gemstone

Brown Easter Egg.png Brown Easter Egg

Large Golden Egg.pngLarge Golden EggBrown Easter Egg.png5Brown Easter Egg Rose Easter Egg.png5Rose Easter Egg Gray Easter Egg.png5Gray Easter Egg Green Easter Egg.png5Green Easter Egg

Rose Easter Egg.png Rose Easter Egg

Large Golden Egg.pngLarge Golden EggBrown Easter Egg.png5Brown Easter Egg Rose Easter Egg.png5Rose Easter Egg Gray Easter Egg.png5Gray Easter Egg Green Easter Egg.png5Green Easter Egg

Gray Easter Egg.png Gray Easter Egg

Large Golden Egg.pngLarge Golden EggBrown Easter Egg.png5Brown Easter Egg Rose Easter Egg.png5Rose Easter Egg Gray Easter Egg.png5Gray Easter Egg Green Easter Egg.png5Green Easter Egg

Green Easter Egg.png Green Easter Egg

Large Golden Egg.pngLarge Golden EggBrown Easter Egg.png5Brown Easter Egg Rose Easter Egg.png5Rose Easter Egg Gray Easter Egg.png5Gray Easter Egg Green Easter Egg.png5Green Easter Egg