Godsent King Mask

Godsent King Mask
Godsent King Mask
Type Armor
Slot Head
Rarity Epic
Max health 38
Armor 19
Effects +8.4% damage
+4% additional chance to trigger Ra-Akar's soul power
Set Effects 3 set: +171% longer dash duration
Set Items Godsent King Mask.pngGodsent King Mask
Godsent King Breast Armor.pngGodsent King Breast Armor
Godsent King Pants Armor.pngGodsent King Pants Armor
Description A unique, royal piece of armor resembling the head of the state, crowning it as a descendant of the gods. It was intended for a future that never came.

Godsent King Mask is an armor.


Found in a locked chest in Titan Temple Scene in The Desert of Beginnings. Requires Ra-Akar Automaton to open.


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