King Slime

King Slime
King Slime
Aggressive Yes
Faction Slime
Health 24,188
Pre-spawned No
Summon item Crown Summoning Idol.pngCrown Summoning Idol

King Slime is an optional Boss not necessary for Game Progression. He can be spawned by players using a Crown Summoning Idol at any of the slime boss runes around a world. His stats currently place him around mid-game, in terms of difficulty.

King Slime exhibits the same behaviour as the other giant slime bosses, attempting to jump onto players. In addition, he sheds short-lived regular sized "Royal Slime" mobs when taking damage. Two of his guaranteed drops give a set bonus that, when equipped, allies a player with all slimes and sea creature Enemies.

King Slime represents the Core Keeper side of a promotional crossover with Terraria, in which he also appears [1].


King Slime can be spawned by placing a Crown Summoning Idol.pngCrown Summoning Idol on any slime bosses' rune circle. This includes those for Glurch in the Dirt Biome, Ivy in Azeos' Wilderness or Morpha in The Sunken Sea.

The idol is only obtained as a random drop, with a ~0.24% chance, from Orange Slime, Red Slime, Purple Slime, and Blue Slime. This means approximately 300 slime kills are needed for a 50% chance of at least one summon drop.

Main article subsection: Crown Summoning Idol Farming Strategy


King Slime has the same core behavior at the other slime bosses. Periodically hopping on the spot, while idle. His jumps shake the screen and deposit Ground Slime tiles beneath him.

He will aggro on any player moving to within 4 tiles of him. Or if he takes damage from any source. He will chase the player, attempting to jump on top of them. He breaks any Walls and Bridges in his path and can create new Dirt Ground in tiles where there is no existing ground.

At 30% health King Slime will enrage, increasing the speed and frequency his jumps.

Moving too far from the summoning rune will cause him to reset to that position and self heal quite rapidly.

Royal Slime[edit]

King Slime making Royal Slime adds when hit by 5 Spike Traps

Unlike the other slime Bosses, King Slime summons adds called "Royal Slime" to help him in battle. This occurs when he takes damage. Although he remains the same size throughout a battle.

Royal Slime have 445 health and behave like all other Slime Enemies. Except that they only exist for 60 seconds before spontaneously dying. Like other adds, they leave no drops when killed. But combat skill experience is awarded for hitting or killing them, respectively.


  • Immune to being slowed by slime
  • Immune to stun
  • Immune to slippery movement


Type Damage
Jump attack 173
Royal Slime's attack 112


King Slime's Chest.pngKing Slime's Chest
King Slime Crown.pngKing Slime Crown
Royal Gel.pngRoyal Gel
King Slime Figurine.pngKing Slime Figurine
Terraria - Journey's Beginning.pngTerraria - Journey's Beginning
Healing Potion.png5Healing Potion


Like the other slime bosses, it is best to use speed to kite or dodge under his jump attacks. This is made harder by his slime ground deposits, which can significantly slow movement. But his additional mobs will also get in the way.

Unless you already have late game gear, its important to ensure you will have enough space in which to kite around in. So clear the walls and lay solid Ground tiles in gaps. Not bridges, as this can be broken by him. It may be helpful to clear existing slime ground and mobs, even though he will deposit more.

Recommended gear[edit]


This is the more difficult approach, so higher tier gear or greater preparedness is advised. Larva Spike Club, Battle Axe or better. Attack at close range until King Slime flashes, indicating a jump that needs dodging. Unless you can do this near perfectly, it's advised to maintain a high armor level, by renewing food and potion buffs, in addition to gear with high armour. Then top up health regularly by quickly right clicking on a stack of health potions. Good luck during the final enraged phase!


Use an Iron Bow or better Ranged Weapon. Kite King Slime around in a wide circle, shooting him while staying well ahead.

There is a distance based cheese strategy that works on all slime bosses. It is laid out briefly in the Glurch Strategy section.