Winter Present

Winter Present
Winter Present
Rarity Uncommon
Description A mysterious gift with unknown contents. Rip it open and peek inside!

Winter Presents are consumable items created by Little Helperlings if they are given any regular rarity cooked food dish. They are part of the Christmas Seasonal Event.


These presents are opened by placing them in a hot-bar slot, selecting them and then clicking the use button (right click).

Item Chance
Fruit Bread.pngFruit Bread 13.16%
Hot Chocolate.pngHot Chocolate 13.16%
Winter Cookies.pngWinter Cookies 13.16%
Winter Wreath Wall Decoration.pngWinter Wreath Wall Decoration 6.58%
Holiday Sock Wall Decoration.pngHoliday Sock Wall Decoration 6.58%
Candy Cane Wall Decoration.pngCandy Cane Wall Decoration 6.58%
Winter Candle Wall Decoration.pngWinter Candle Wall Decoration 6.58%
Snowflake Wall Decoration.pngSnowflake Wall Decoration 6.58%
Crystal Star.pngCrystal Star 6.58%
Snow Globe.pngSnow Globe 6.58%
Lump of Coal.pngLump of Coal 6.58%
Snowman Hat.pngSnowman Hat 3.95%
Festive Hat.pngFestive Hat 3.95%